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  • John Ostrowski

    John Ostrowski

    From Brazil to the United States, the journey of life now brought me to Hungary to carry on with my Data Science studies and expand my horizons through Europe.

  • Paulius Zajanckauskas

    Paulius Zajanckauskas

    Interested in #Tech #Startups #Marketing #Automation

  • Pranidhi Prabhat

    Pranidhi Prabhat

    Building and sharing solutions !

  • Batni Guru

    Batni Guru

  • Ankit Das

    Ankit Das

    Search Marketing, Analytics Junkie, Google Analytics & Adwords Certified, In relationship with R & Python development | Chelsea FC Fan

  • Josh Balerite Acol

    Josh Balerite Acol

    Artist | Poet | Writer | Soulful Encourager | Frontliner | Proud sole Mom of 4 gifted kiddos | Lover of anything that inspires! joshbaleriteacol@gmail.com

  • Andrea Corvi

    Andrea Corvi

    Experimentation Manager @ iTech Media. Passionate about user experience, statistics and everything CRO related

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