I am really excited to write my first blog post. I have toyed with the idea off and on but the recent spate of events i.e. being laid off due to CoVid19 has created the time and space in my life to do this. I am taking this setback as an opportunity to get off the proverbial hamster wheel and gain deeper knowledge in my field of conversion optimization.

I pivoted into conversion optimization (conversion rate optimization/ CRO/ testing & optimization/ experimentation) from digital analytics a few years back. And like most other practitioners transitioning into this field from various backgrounds, I expected to “learn on the job”. Over time, I have come to realize that the term CRO actually packs so much in it. From creative to statistics to web development basics, a competent optimizer is expected to have a good understanding of a lot of different fields. A successful optimization lead is also supposed to wear a lot of different hats which means acquiring skills ranging from analytical to project management to effective communication. This is what drew me to this field in the first place — there is never a dull moment! And there is so much to learn and improve.

I also deeply enjoy the fact that this field marries art and science. It requires you to go beyond the “what” (quantitative) to the “why” (qualitative).

This function has a provable business impact that comes from the ability to validate and drive real decision making. At the end of the day, optimization by way of testing and personalization really proves the value of robust research, insights and analytics functions at an organization.

So, what can you expect in this blog? I will be sharing the content I am reviewing, whether it’s from the CXL Conversion Optimization mini-degree or other excellent webinars, conferences (virtual at the moment!), papers and blogs I’ll be coming across.

That’s what I am thinking. Your turn — what are you interested in learning about in CRO? Leave a comment below!

On the path to learning all things insights and optimization (linkedin.com/in/bithikamehra) | Foodie | Environmentalist| Loves to travel | Player of a few riffs

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