Introducing The Weekly Buzz

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hile I took a break from writing in the last few weeks, I didn’t take a break from creating experimentation focused content. In December, I began collaborating with Experiment Nation. Spearheaded by Rommil Santiago, Experiment Nation connects experimenters from around the world and is a platform for sharing their experiences and learnings.

So, what is the The Weekly Buzz?

It is a way for busy professionals to stay in touch with the latest in the experimentation space. Every week, I pick 5 important stories covering experimentation news, A/B testing stats, UX research etc. and create a 2-minute video which has bite-sized takeaways from these stories for quick and easy consumption. The Weekly Buzz will be posted on Wednesdays on Linkedin, YouTube and right here.

Why The Weekly Buzz?

Mostly for selfish reasons. I have a hard time staying up to date on industry news. So, I figured if I published something every week, I’d have an incentive to stay updated. And I know I am not the only one who has this struggle. :)

ow without further ado, here is the latest installment of The Weekly Buzz posted today on Jan 6, 2021. Scroll down for the video.

1. How do you scale your experimentation program? Read about the A/B Testing Flywheel method in this post by Aleksander Fabijan (Microsoft), Benjamin Arai (Microsoft), Pavel Dmitriev (, and Lukas Vermeer (

2. Want to safely peek at your A/B test results early? Listen to Merritt Aho talk about his Sequential Testing calculator on Guido Janssen’s CRO Cafe podcast.

(Bonus: Link to the calculator)

3. From best UX research methods for every stage to CX vs. UX, NN/g published their top videos in 2020.

(Bonus: UX Research Cheat Sheet)

4. Want to know who to follow on LinkedIn to get your CRO fix (besides Experiment Nation)? Marco Basile compiled a list of some prolific CRO content creators.

5. What is the role of best practices in CRO? Hear Shiva Manjunath (Gartner), Kenya Davis (Evolytics), Edie Aguilar (Circle Media Labs) & Siobhan Solberg (Raze) share their thoughts on the latest episode of CR-No podcast.

The Weekly Buzz (Jan 6, 2021)

ince video is a new format for me, I’d love to get feedback on if this is useful. Any suggestions on what can make this even better will be much appreciated.

Thank you as always! A very happy new year! Hope 2021 turns out to be better than 2020.

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