The Weekly Buzz

Here’s the latest Weekly Buzz. Watch the video for key takeaways. Links below.

The Weekly Buzz — Experimentation/ CRO/ Conversion Optimization News

1. Is A/B Testing Effective? Findings based on 35,000 startups seems to suggest that BUT not in the same way you thought!

2. What type of experiments have the biggest impact? The good folks at User Conversion and Qubit. have the answer.

3. Cassandra Campbell shares some of Shopify’s experimentation culture rituals with Ben Labay in the latest Testing Insights video.

4. Tim Ash shares tips for experimentation culture spread in organizations with Guido X Jansen on CRO Cafe podcast.

5. How many experiments should I run? Eden Bidani & John Ostrowski answer that in the latest episode of the Adventures in Experimentation podcast.

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