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Bithika Mehra
2 min readFeb 14, 2021
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The Weekly Buzz has gone through a few iterations already in true experimentation spirit — not really backed by data yet, but we’ll get there. For now, in case you are here and want to catch up on some of the important posts in the last few weeks, here they are on LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn posts have takeaways from the articles/ posts below for easy reference.

TWB — Feb 11

👉 Which experimentation metrics should you be measuring? Katie Kelly from Speero (formerly CXL) provides a primer.
🤔 Your turn -> Which metrics do you track for your experimentation program?

👉 Need help deciding which is the best experimentation platform for your organization? AWA digital has you covered!
🤔 Your turn -> Are there any other criteria important in your evaluation?

👉 How do you use customer journey maps to level up your product onboarding? Taplytics lists a few different maps to help really connect with your users’ needs.
🤔 Your turn -> Does your organization use different journey maps? If so, which ones have you found particularly useful?

TWB — Feb 4

👉 You Can’t Test Everything, So What Should You Test? NN/g offers some guidance.
🤔 Your turn -> How do you prioritize all your tests — A/B, usability etc?

👉 How do you approach heterogeneous effects in experiments? Causal Conversations blog offers some intuitive approaches.

👉 Want to quantify UX Improvements? NN/g shared a case study to help you do just that.

👉 How marketing teams can look to replace ‘best practice’ with experimentation? Hint: use agile principles.



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