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Experimentation Culture Awards

It is not about that one experiment, it is about improving the process, structure, trustworthiness, democratization and motivation for experimentation and data-driven decision making.

What does driving social change and experimentation have in common? And what can we learn from this field to drive experimentation culture at organizations?

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“Why do some companies become household names, while others flame out? How do certain memes go viral? And why do some social movements take off and spread, while others fizzle?

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TWB — Feb 11

The Weekly Buzz — Experimentation/ CRO/ Conversion Optimization News

  1. Want to know which half of your advertising spend is wasted? Experimentation to the rescue! Read Tim Wilson’s latest blog post.
  2. Is breaking a UX convention worthwhile? Read NN/g’s latest post on maintaining consistency & adhering to standards.
  3. How to get SEO and CRO to dance together? Get AWA Digital’s free e-book.
  4. How founders…

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So, what is the The Weekly Buzz?

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